Freight and Cross Dock Delivery in Des Moines, IA

Maher Brothers Transfer and Storage Offers Complete Cross Dock Delivery in Des Moines, IA and Surrounding Areas

At Maher Brothers Transfer and Storage, our complete cross dock delivery ensures faster and more productive supply chain operationsinDes Moines, IA. In today’s business world, the speed and efficiency of your supply chain can greatly impact your business growth. Cross dock delivery, when implemented effectively, can give your business the competitive edge it needs to achieve its performance goals. By reducing handling times, cross docking can improve overall efficiency.

Understanding Cross Docking

Cross dock delivery is a freight logistics method that involves warehousing products with minimal handling or storage. In most cases, cross-docking takes place within a distribution facility where inbound trucks park on one side and outbound trucks park on the opposite side. The freight can then be directly moved from the inbound truck to the outbound truck with minimal handling and storage.

In simpler terms, as inbound freight is unloaded, it is either directly moved into the outbound truck or sorted and separated to go in multiple trucks with minimal storage time. Once the freight is screened and sorted, it can be moved to the outbound side of the facility via pallet truck, forklift, conveyer belt, or any other transportation means.

Benefits of Cross-Docking

There are many benefits to cross-docking, including:

  • Creating a central location where inbound freight can be sorted, making it possible to combine similar products and deliver them more quickly.
  • Allowing you to combine multiple small loads into one, which can help speed delivery and reduce transportation costs.
  • Breaking down larger loads into smaller ones, making it easier to deliver them to your customers.

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