Local Moving Companies in Johnston, IA

Expert Local Moving Companies in Johnston, IA & Surrounding AreasLocal Moving Companies in Johnston, IA & Surrounding Areas

With all of the local moving companies out there, it can be hard to find one to fit your specific needs. No move is the same, and how do you know that you’re finding a company that’s right for all the challenges your move might present? In times like these, you might turn to your community to ask for help.

Maher Brothers Transfer & Storage is proud to have worked with community members in Johnston, IA, and surrounding areas for several years. By providing quality moving services that tackle all aspects of your move, regardless of the size or type, we’ve established ourselves as one of the best local moving companies in the area.


Moving and Storage Solutions

Regardless if you’re relocating a business or moving your family, Maher Brothers Transfer & Storage can help. Our expert movers are trained to specially pack, transport, and store your belongings no matter where they’re going or what’s being transferred. We can move clunky antiques to bulky office equipment, safely and securely.

Instead of trying to load your car with all your belongings, Maher Brothers Transfer & Storage’s local moving companies will safely transport it to where it needs to go. And if the new space isn’t ready, we’ll keep your things in a secure storage facility so you can easily find and deliver your items to the new place once it is ready.

There’s more to moving your home or office than just moving boxes and furniture. In addition to offering transportation and storage options, our professional movers can help you pack your belongings safely and securely and help with the set-up of your home or office once you get there.


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